YouTube Might Be Coming To Nintendo Switch Soon

The streaming video options on Nintendo Switch right now include Hulu, and that’s about it. Not even Netflix. That could change soon. Rumor has it a YouTube app is on the way to the Switch November 8th.

Forum users on ResetEra say they’re getting suggestions for a YouTube app when they search Nintendo’s website for games. There is no product page for such an app, but the logo and the suggestion lead many to think something is afoot soon. Europe has seen something similar, too. The French website NintendHome said users there were also seeing the YouTube app suggestions. While the Wii U, 3DS, and even the original Wii have had YouTube and Netflix apps, the company has thus far limited the Switch to just Hulu for its non-gaming activities.

The Nintendo Switch had zero streaming apps or options when it launched in March 2017. Hulu then launched for Nintendo Switch roughly one year ago in November 2017. In January, the furthest Netflix would go about Nintendo plans was to say the company was “still exploring the opportunity” and talking with Nintendo about it. A third streaming service, Niconico, is available only in Japan.

Another entertainment app is set to release in November on the Switch as well. The Izneo app lets you read more than 25,000 comics on your Switch — whether you’re on the go or kicking back with your big-screen TV. Izneo, which is already available on iOS, Android and the web, offers a large library of comics, manga, and webtoons from a large variety of European publishers as well as bigger names like Dark Horse and IDW. You won’t find juggernauts like Marvel or DC here, though the company says that it always looking to bring new publishers to the service.

Considering the Switch has a much larger screen than most smartphones and can connect to TVs, it seems ripe with potential for streaming services. However, in every territory but Japan, Hulu is still the only streaming app currently available on the Switch. In Japan, Niconico, a video sharing platform, is also available.

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Taylor Bauer

Taylor is from Aurora, IL and received both his B.S. and M.S. in Communication from Illinois State University, where he taught radio production and media management for two years. Taylor studies critical media theory, loves all things Nintendo and Xbox, and is an avid listener of NPR. He is also a self-proclaimed music nerd, and loves all genres.

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