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Yoshi, Nintendo’s signature green dinosaur, is back for another action platforming adventure. Yoshi’s Crafted World has been announced exclusively for the Nintendo Switch with a release date of March 29th. Yoshi’s Crafted World looks to have a kind of arts and crafts art style; a visual style that seems to work for Nintendo’s more lighthearted characters with similarities to games like its predecessor Yoshi’s Woolly World or the Paper Mario series.

Baby Bowser and Kamek have set out to steal a gem-set stone, a powerful artifact called the Sundream Stone. Whoever is in possession of the gems will have their wildest dreams come true, or so the legend says. As is usual with Baby Bowser and his cohorts, they botch their attempt to steal the Sundream Stone and the gems are sent flying off into the world. It’s up to Yoshi and company to help retrieve them.

Themed stages will have you solving puzzles and finding collectibles like coins, flowers, and poochy pups in things like boxes and paper cups hidden throughout the world. The game can be played in 2 player cooperative using a Joy-Con for each player. Players are also able to play stages backward, offering new ways of exploring and discovering hidden secrets. There also seems to be ways of crafting armor in-game to protect yourself from a slew of familiar Mario enemies like Ukiki and Zombie Guys. I’m not sure how effective armor made from crafts materials will be but I suppose we will see come the 29th of March.

For more info on Yoshi’s new artsy adventure, click here.

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