Xbox to Release PUBG Greaseproof Controller

Microsoft is releasing an Xbox One controller themed for PUBG, and yes, it is greaseproof. Because it’s too hard to just be clean and not a total mess.

You didn’t know you needed this new controller, but…wait, you still don’t. That being said, it is interesting, to say the least. The controller is limited at the moment to 200 units, 10 of which are being sold in Australia where the news broke. The Greaseproof Xbox One controller nods to the exclamation that PUBG players receive when they win a match: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Should you choose to devour a chicken dinner in real life, then hop directly back into PUBG or any other Xbox games, don’t waste time washing your hands. Or at least that’s what the controller would have you believe. We at Gaming Historia fully believe you should wash your hands before and after every meal.

The controller is coated with urethane, and as crazy as it sounds, had to be handmade to make it not just greaseproof but also resistant to scratches and water. Xbox controllers that are manufactured from machines don’t have the care and time that the greaseproof PUBG controller required, and I guess that’s something to add to the pros column. The yellow sticks and bumpers are actually pretty sweet. PUBG fans will want to try their luck at grabbing one of these for sure, and all jokes aside, it’s cool to see new technology being implemented into the hardware at Xbox.

The controller is hitting shelves October 30th, but you can enter to win the greaseproof PUBG rig on the Facebook pages of Xbox Australia and New Zealand. Time will tell if this controller changes the tech at Microsoft for good, or if we’re just taking gimmicks a little too far nowadays. Nevertheless, this is happening, and at some point, you’ll probably trick yourself into thinking you need it. Good luck!

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Taylor Bauer

Taylor is from Aurora, IL and received both his B.S. and M.S. in Communication from Illinois State University, where he taught radio production and media management for two years. Taylor studies critical media theory, loves all things Nintendo and Xbox, and is an avid listener of NPR. He is also a self-proclaimed music nerd, and loves all genres.

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