Xbox Backwards Compatibility Sale: What to Buy?

Xbox One’s backward compatibility almost makes up for the lack of great new games, but not quite. Nevertheless, the ability to play old games you already own on your current-gen console is great. If you missed games last cycle, now’s a great time to catch up, and Microsoft is making it easy with a new sale on digital backward compatible titles. Here are a few you need to own on your Xbox One.

Dante’s Inferno – $4.94

The game’s story is loosely based on Inferno, the first canticle of Dante’s Divine Comedy. It follows Dante, imagined as a Templar knight from the Crusade, who, guided by the spirit of the poet Virgil, needs to fight through the nine Circles of Hell to rescue Beatrice from the clutches of Lucifer. The game is essentially a third-person hack and slash. Dante’s primary weapon is a scythe that can be used in a series of combination attacks and finishing moves. Many attack combinations and abilities can be unlocked in exchange for souls, an in-game currency that is collected upon defeating enemies.

Before the game’s release, Dante’s Inferno underwent a prominent, at times elaborate marketing campaign led by the game’s publisher Electronic Arts. This included the release of a fake religious game called Mass: We Pray, a motion controller-based game supposedly allowing players to engage in an interactive prayer and church sermon. Dante’s Inferno was a mixed bag of love and apathy, but I think it’s worth playing for its interpolation of literature and violent, demonic action-adventure gaming.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles: Complete – $9.74

Midnight Club: Los Angeles was a free-roam racer at a scale unseen before in the racing genre. Utilizing a 24-hour day-to-night cycle, weather effects, and traffic with licensed vehicles, and added realistic aspects to the game, it’s a must play for everyone. Managing weather conditions on the road and keeping your car looking fresh after damage made the game multidimensional. Cars and motorcycles seemed endlessly available as if you’d never run out of new vehicles to drive. Convertible cars, customizable interiors, in-game photo mode, and customizable exotics made MC: LA Complete a hit in 2008, but it’s no less fun 10 years later.

Rockstar Table Tennis – $5.99

Where to begin! Rockstar Table Tennis is a realistic simulation of the sport of ping pong, but somehow that simple premise doesn’t overstay its welcome. Different game modes kept this table tennis game fresh. Players have the ability to challenge a multiplayer partner, either offline or online, or can select to challenge the game’s artificial intelligence. Players can select from a roster of eleven characters, which are unlocked as they progress through the game; each character has particular skills in different areas.

Adding spin to your shot or using full focus to power up your returns embodies the simplicity of any casual sports game, but the realistic graphics made it more engaging than Wii Sports or Mario Tennis. A lot of people have hoped Rockstar would come out with another entry, but for now, Rockstar Tables Tennis is what we have to daydream about being Forrest Gump.

There are a lot more games available in the sale, so check them out here! The Xbox Backwards Compatibility Sale ends September 10th.

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