What Can We Learn From God of War?

How a game wasn't ruined be microtransactions and DLC content.

So a lot of people really like the new God of War, huh? Well, I can see why, but there is one thing that I see people are neglecting to talk about. There’s no microtransactions, no day-1 DLC, and no plans for any DLC so far. It seems that someone out there is actually paying attention to what people want. So let’s talk about this for a minute, okay?

Now, there are plenty of mechanics in this game that are easily exploitable. There is crafting, gear optimization, and loot with rarity. For most publishers, this is a goldmine for microtransactions, but Santa Monica Studio’s Cory Balrog completely ignored this and just made the game. When he was asked about this, he told people “No freakin’ way!” To me, it looks like they wanted to make a good game above all, and it shows. This game is getting amazing reviews, even from people who aren’t IGN.

So I think there is a lesson to be learned here. God of War set out to be a new game in the modern age with an old IP, and that’s it. They didn’t let corporate greed get in the way of making not only a good game but a good experience. Now I will say that just because the game didn’t launch with any DLC, doesn’t mean there won’t be any DLC. There is plenty of room for there to be an expansion for the game and to be frank, it probably would be a good idea. As much fun as people are having with this game, there is no doubt that they are willing to pay for more things to do and faces to rip off. Overall, good job, God of War. This is a fine example of what we should be expecting from publishers, and the fact that you can praise a game for no microtransactions..well that’s sad, really.

One last thing that kind of nags at me. There is a digital deluxe edition for the game, and it’s a rather good deal if you are a big fan of the God of War series. One thing I noticed is that there is a skin you can have for your shield and exclusive armors for your characters. The fact that these things exist may be a bad omen, but who knows. I know that near the end of a game’s development cycle, the artists don’t exactly have a lot to do, so having a couple cosmetics is fine and dandy…for now. Let’s just be happy and enjoy what we have, but don’t forget that these things are possible.

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