Valentine’s Week is Ruined: Dead or Alive 6 Pushed Back

It should be no secret that I am a huge fan of Dead or Alive as a series. From the first game to the latest, I’ve enjoyed every iteration of the game. With Dead or Alive 6 on the horizon, and a focus on more competitive/tournament play, my excitement hasn’t been this high since I saw the 3DS version for the first time. The timing was perfect too, Feb. 15, 2019. What do I tell my wife to get me for Valentine’s Day? Skimpily dressed women beating overly buff guys in the face.

Now, that has changed. Koei Tecmo has decided that it wants to release a more polished game and pushed the worldwide release on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, to March 1, 2019. So, another two weeks isn’t a big deal, right? Not really. Especially if the reasoning is to balance the game a bit more. As an example, when a friend and I started playing DoA 5 after a long break, we felt Alpha was the most broken character in the game. Smash buttons and destroy your opponent. Now we see that she is weak, but the first few days of playing became Alpha cartwheel contests.

If KT can get us a more balanced design for professional and beginning players alike, then I’m all for the additional delay. The game is looking fantastic and while I’m not sure it will take over the competitive scene, especially with Smash Ultimate, Tekken, Street Fighter, and the like, I hope to see it in the rotation. There is more than enough room for a variety of fighting games and this additional time may just give Dead or Alive 6 the extra balance it needs to come out of the gates swinging. If you are dying to get your hands on the guys and girls of DoA early, you may be in luck. According to Silicon Era, a demo may be on the way.

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