Top Five “Easy” Soulsborne Bosses I Found Difficult

You do not have to look very far to find a Dark Souls/Demon’s Souls/Bloodborne list in any format. Rankings of easiest, hardest, and best-designed levels/bosses are a dime a dozen. As a lover of the entire series, I decided to put my own little twist on these rankings. Before reading through these, you should understand these were my initial attempts. Looking back, almost every boss save a few do not pose many challenges now that we have detailed information on best strategy.

I have listed the top five bosses throughout the Soulsborne era that through my research were seen as “easy,” and gave me immense amounts of trouble.

#5 – Tower Knight

The Tower Knight represents the pinnacle of everything the Soulsborne series encompasses: intimidation, awe, and meticulous work to find a solution. Looking back, the Tower Knight is a mind-numbingly easy boss; hack at the ankles until he falls down and smash him in the dome a few times. I approach every battle incredibly passive and safe, carefully scanning the bandwidth for the perfect strike and retreating for a minute or two. I knew at the beginning I had to take out the archers, lest they pepper me with arrows for the duration. I went through the tedium with infinite care, hiding behind posts after nearly every archer went down, waiting for the Knight to throw his lightning. After the way became clear, I tried to attack the legs, doing a tiny amount of damage and running away. Death after death showed me my methods lacked effectiveness. After some time, I grasped the location of the weak spot and finally conquered the Knight.

#4 – Pursuer

In reviewing Soulsborne difficulty lists before writing this article, I was stunned to see that the Pursuer was a consensus “easy” boss. I have always struggled with bosses that are more aggressive, due to my timid playstyle when it comes to Souls. Maybe I was still getting used to Dark Souls 2, but I could not figure out how to time his move sets and when to do damage. I was unaware of the ballista that tore through his armor, settling for my dinky sword that maybe did 75 a hit. After 15 or 20 attempts, I finally had a round where everything fell into place and I took this scary knight down.

#3 – Storm King

AHH! The clipping! The clipping! I do not know why I have a strong knack for finding areas that offer limited protection, but I sure did with the Storm King. Hiding away in nearby rock walls, I waited my turn to jump out and take down one of the flying manta rays, only to be smoked by the giant arrow piercing through the wall. Again, my meticulous nature caused me more attempts than necessary to take this guy down.

#2 – Flexile Sentry

Bleh, talk about a boss that gave me more trouble than he should have. The Flexile Sentry’s move sets made me incredibly uncomfortable; I did not fully grasp when and how he was attacking, or from which side. Maybe I was more unlucky than normal, but the Sentry kept using his fake-out attack and led me right into getting smashed. And while I danced and danced around, waiting for my opening, the water filled the room. After a couple of minutes, I could do nothing but splash around and get wrecked.

#1 – Living Failures

If you get a chance, check out my YouTube channel and watch my Bloodborne series. I have SEVEN (!!) videos dedicated to the Living Failures. Without fail (hah), these guys would surround me and take me out in a few hits. While fighting head-on with one, another would go against the far wall and start whipping magic at me. Something about the Living Failures did not resonate with me, and it probably took darn near 45-50 tries to get these guys. Not only that, the meteor spell took me a good 15 attempts to understand how to dodge it. I found myself incredibly embarrassed thinking back about this boss fight after reading literature on how they are seen as a consensus cakewalk.

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