Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War Comes Stateside

GameSamba's official mobile game gets English release

Tokyo Ghoul fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of the official Tokyo Ghoul mobile game, Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War. Now, they don’t have to wait any longer: the game has officially seen its English release.

Taking the form of a hack-n-slash game and set in the twisted version of Tokyo the series is known for, Dark War lets players form squads comprised of characters both recent and deceased to command into battle. With a roster of over fifty characters, the options are plentiful, and every squad will have different strengths and weaknesses. Ken Kaneki, Touka Kirishima, even characters like Kureo Mado make an appearance.

Players will go through a story mode, though how it fits in with the primary canon (or, in fact, if it does at all) is hereto unknown. Judging by the trailer, the English voice cast is present, reprising their roles.

The game also has a bond system, meaning certain characters who fight together will slowly build up a connection. This will give them a boost in combat, and forming certain squads will be to your benefit.

There’s even a multiplayer aspect, with co-op and competitive both seeing representation. Play with or against your fellow man, ghoul, or hybrid anywhere.

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is available now for both iOS and Android platforms for free.

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