This Week’s Gaming Historia Podcast is Chloe and Chris: Talk Games?

Even We Need A Short Break Sometimes

Goodness, what a crazy month we have had. With the alarming growth of the website, the constant increase in listeners to our podcasts (Gaming Historia, In Search of the Story, and Chloe and Chris: Talk Games?) and a whole slew of new contributors joining the site, things just got ahead of us with the long weekend.

While I had planned on relaunching Chloe and Chris: Talk Games? this week already, the stars aligned in a way and made it nearly impossible for us to get a Gaming Historia podcast produced. So, instead, we all took a break from our busy schedules to get things up and running a bit more smoothly no the back-end of the website, brought on a few new content creators (which you will meet soon) and looked at financials (which you can read about here).

With the next episode of Chloe and Chris: Talk Games? expected to launch Saturday morning, I figured this was a perfect time to revisit the first episode – especially since we never showcased it on

This is a family-friendly show, where I sit down with my 7-year-old daughter and talk about a game and whatever else she is into at the moment. The show is three-fold in its goals. One, give parents and kids an idea of what games are out there that are not only fun for the kids, but also enjoyable for the adults in their lives. The second part is to let parents get a view into what is popular with kids my daughter’s age, so if they aren’t really sure what is the next big toy or show or movie, Chloe will make sure you know. And third is a completely selfish reason – to have an audio diary of my daughter and I as we grow up together and discuss different facets of her life. This will be a fun trip for the two of us, and we sincerely hope for you – the listeners – as well.

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