The World Ends with You: Final Remix Gets Western Release Date

The previously announced remaster of the Square Enix 2007 action RPG for Nintendo Switch The World Ends with You: Final Remix now has a release date for the West. Earlier in the summer, a September 27th release date was given to the Japanese version of the game, while a recently released teaser has now revealed that the West will be receiving the game only a few weeks later on October 12th.

The game revolves around Neku, a teenage boy who wakes up in the middle of Tokyo with no memories. He soon comes to the realization that despite being in a crowded populace, nobody is able to see or hear him. Neku has to fight for survival against creatures called ‘Noise’ while also teaming up with various partners who have been placed in the same position as himself, as they come together to figure out the mysteries of their situation.

Originally released for the Nintendo DS, The World Ends with You didn’t garner much commercial success, however, the game received rave reviews for its aesthetics and presentation. It was also praised for its unique gameplay which has players controlling two characters at the same time on both the top and bottom screens, attacking with magical pins that range from leaving trails of flames to levitating and flinging objects with psychic abilities. It managed to amass a cult following over the years, and an iOS version of the game was released in 2012.

The World Ends with You: Final Remix includes “hours of additional content” and introduces a new scenario which appears to feature an exclusive new character not seen in previous versions, as well as new enemies, and remixed musical tracks. The game also has a new control scheme with the Nintendo Switch’s Joycons, but anyone familiar with the iOS version can utilize touchscreen controls instead.

The teaser trailer can be viewed below:

The World Ends with You: Final Remix is available to pre-order on the Nintendo e-shop for £39.99/$59.99.

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