The Room Confounds Switch Owners This Month

The Room series has tested the puzzle-solving prowess of mobile gamers since 2012. For years players have pinched and swiped their portable screens in engaging effort to solve an array of elaborate puzzle boxes. After a highly successful 4-game run on iOS and Android, Nintendo Switch owners get a chance to flaunt their brain power when the debut entry heads to the big(ger) screen.

This release marks the series’ first console appearance. As I previously alluded to, The Room tasks players with solving mechanical puzzle boxes and other environmental riddles. A basic example would be unlocking a box, then tinkering with its complicated machinery to open locks that lead to additional, more challenging, inner layers. An intriguing mystery revolving around forces both scientific and arcane fuels the adventure. Check out the brief teaser below for a taste of what’s in store.

The original mobile version, as you might have guessed, relies entirely on touch controls. The Switch version will perform identically thanks to its touchscreen, but it will also feature new Joy-Con motion controls for TV play. This move feels like a perfect fit for one of the most lauded franchises in the mobile space. Hopefully, the sequels will eventually migrate to Switch (the latest entry, The Room: Old Sins, released back in January). Look for The Room to arrive on the Nintendo Switch eShop on October 18th for $9.99.

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