The Ridiculous Reaction to Elon Musk’s Interview

For the better part of two and a half hours, Joe Rogan and Elon Musk bounced back and forth in one of the most compelling Joe Rogan Experience interviews. For those of you who may not be familiar, actor/comedian Joe Rogan hosts a daily podcast that has risen through the ranks as one of the most watched on YouTube. Rogan brings on a large variety of people, including musicians, actors, scientists, and everyone in between. The majority of the guests are well-known in their industry. Rogan has a large interest in science and finally snagged a very big fish to join him with Tesla’s Elon Musk.

The interview is quickly turning into one of the most watched on the Joe Rogan Experience, approaching 10 million views after four days of being on YouTube. During the course of their interaction, Musk and Rogan discussed a great variety of topics. As anticipated, the two spent a great deal of time discussing Tesla’s innovations and Elon Musk’s hopes for the future with technology.

He shared the importance of moving the world to electric cars because we are expelling harmful toxins into the air at an alarming rate. Musk enforced how ridiculous it is for the world to pull carbon out of the Earth and pump it back into the atmosphere. He discussed how a tunnel system will effectively eliminate traffic, allowing us to stack level upon level to move cars. The current system, as he put it, is “2D in a 3D world.” Rogan introduced the topic of multiple dimensions and potentially living in a simulation, which hurt my head to even think about.

Musk also showed a very playful side, talking about the fun things he built, including a flamethrower that sold out in a short amount of time. He capped off the interview with an incredibly heartfelt message, telling Rogan that we “just need to be good to each other.” He elaborated the majority of us are good people and want the best for the world. It is “better to be optimistic and wrong, than pessimistic and right.” Unfortunately, the great interview will forever be remembered for Musk taking a puff of what Rogan said was a “cigar with weed.” Not even a few hours after Musk took his puff, Tesla’s stock plummeted, people resigned from the company, and speculation reigned that Tesla would not last.

In an MSNBC article, a professor from Yale said the following:

“He is disdainful of those who made him wealthy, his investors, and hostile to any who fail to worship him — believing his own deified brilliance and omnipotence,” he said. “The ego that drives this thinking shows lack of judgment.” (MSNBC)

To this professor: Give me a break. Elon Musk has created technology and innovation that will lead to millions of people avoiding car crashes, solving traffic problems, and saving our Earth from rapidly going into a death spiral. Other people have talked about how reckless Musk is for smoking on Rogan’s podcast. How dare we be so judgemental? NONE of us have perfect lives; we say things that offend others and do things we regret. Get down off your high horse. He showed that he is human. Not one second during this interview did I think to myself, “What an egotistical jerk, he only thinks about himself and no one else.” Musk’s focus has been on helping the human race, one innovation at a time.

If you judge Musk on the 10 seconds he took a hit of “weed,” I highly recommend you watch the interview from top to bottom. If the world was filled with more people with ingenuity and compassion like Musk, this would be a much better place to live.

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