The Last Remnant Remastered Coming To Playstation 4

In a recent teaser trailer, Square Enix announced that a remastered version of The Last Remnant would be coming to PlayStation 4 in December of this year.

Last week on September 4th, Square Enix discontinued physical and digital sales of the turn-based RPG on PC with seemingly little reason or warning. With the recent announcement, it can be assumed that the discontinuation was so that Square Enix wouldn’t be competing with themselves when it came to sales on this upcoming remaster.

The Last Remnant was originally released on Xbox 360 in November 2008 and later released on Microsoft Windows in 2009. The game was also slated for a PlayStation 3 release at some point. However, that never came to pass, making the PlayStation 4 release an understandable priority.

More surprisingly, however, is that as of right now there is no announcement for an Xbox One or PC version of the remaster, and the original release is not accessible through Xbox One’s backward compatibility feature.

The Last Remnant follows a familiar RPG tale, with players controlling teenager Rush Sykes as he ventures after his kidnapped sister. Along the way, he is recruited by a young ruler and eventually comes into conflict with the city invading Conqueror.

The title, created by SaGa and Final Fantasy developers, would mark the first time Square Enix used Unreal Engine 3, with the decision coming from the desire to cut down on development time and overall costs.

Unfortunately, the pedigree of the developers didn’t necessarily translate to quality, at least according to critics. The game received mostly mixed reviews, with Japanese publications generally having a more positive perception of the game than Western publications.

A consistent complaint came from graphical and performance issues, with some publications also criticizing the battle system. However, Famitsu magazine and GameTrailers both praised the battle system for its unique features.

The Last Remnant Remastered will be available on December 6th, 2018, for PlayStation 4 with a price tag of £16/$20.

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