Temper Your Expectations for Red Dead Online

Look Y’all, Red Dead Online is rolling out this week and early reports are positive, but here’s the thing. Temper your expectations for the game. This isn’t GTA Online. Yet. RDO will take some time to get up and running to the level that GTA Online can deliver. If you were around during the launch of GTA Online, you’ll remember just how rough the game was in the early months. If RDO does a bit better and comes out playable and enjoyable enough to start, then the road is already paved in gold for Rockstar.

Over time RDO will grow and become a fully fleshed out world. Just don’t expect that to happen as soon as you jump on. Take your time with the story, dabble in the online mode, then get back to more single player for the time being. There will be plenty of fun to be had once you are able to jump on, but don’t expect to binge. Give it a few months and if Rockstar’s history with GTA is worth anything, you’ll see plenty of good content drops that expand the world in no time at all.

Also understand that while GTA went way over the top with the brand in their online offering, Red Dead will be a bit more laid back. Not to the point of the single-player mode, but much slower and more grounded than its’ modern cousin. All of this is to say that the online mode rolls out this week and you should give it a shot. Just don’t expect it to be feature complete on day one. Either way, stay tuned here and if you want to join our posse once it is up and running we will give you the info you need.

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