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Super Mega Baseball 2 may just be the most fun I have had with a sports games this year. I know, I know. NBA 2k18, Madden 18, MLB The Show 18 are all solid titles, but something about the charm and simplicity of SMB2 is rarely seen these days. Developed by Metal Head Software and released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Super Mega Baseball 2 is a much-needed light in the dark tunnel that is sports video games. So, with that bold claim out-of-the-way let me tell you why I love this game.

This game looks fantastic. The player models, the ballparks, the presentation, even down to the fans in the seats, this game looks awesome. Not to mention the customization options. I found myself creating a new team (The Devils) with all custom player models of my friends and I. With a logo and uniform creator the possibilities are endless. Likewise, the player creator is just as deep. Change hairstyles and color, facial hair, tattoos, accessories, bats, eyewear; if you can think of it you can change it.

After you’re done setting up your team head over to the custom league where you can choose how many teams, leagues, and divisions you will be up against in a season mode the length of your choice. Make your own baseball world, create a local high school league, or even re-create the MLB season. With enough time and effort, you could (in theory) play any form of baseball you want.

Game modes aren’t as robust as the customization options. Quick play, season, and (my favorite) the custom league are all great, but the game would be even better with the addition of a home run derby or an arcade skills challenge. The online gameplay is fair but I experience a few connections problems. For example, in one game I hit a line drive to the wall only for the umpire to call a strike and the screen flashback to me standing at the plate. Unless my buddy was hacking the game somehow (he still lost) then I would have to chalk that up to poor connection. Other than those few hiccups, we had a blast playing online.

The improved visuals are great but the new mechanics and animations are where SMB2 really shines. The players now look and move more like an athlete, and less like a goofy cartoon with horrible body proportions as in the first game. The ability to dive or jump is a fun aspect of the game to master, and the batting is easy to grasp, but there is a timing to learn if you want to use the power swing.

Pitching and defense give a nod to other baseball titles (MLB The Show) and has you control the player closest to the ball, using your ABXY buttons to throw to the corresponding base. It feels great, simple, and great.


While I love realistic sports sims like MLB The Show, and NBA 2K, there is just something so refreshing and fun about Super Mega Baseball 2. Seeing your cartoon creations of your friends and yourself playing for a team whose logo is a raw steak is just awesome. I highly recommend anyone who likes to have fun with friends and loves to customize every aspect of their game to pick this up.

The coolest thing about SMB2 is that it released on May 1st directly into Xbox Games with Gold. So if you have an Xbox One and an Xbox live subscription, you can pick this up for free until the end of May. For the rest of you, it’ll be $29.99. Either way, you go this is a must play. I would have gladly given 30 bucks to play.

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Super Mega Baseball 2





  • Great Visuals
  • Fast Paced Gameplay
  • Customization Options
  • Improved Mechanics


  • No Home Run Durby
  • Lack Of Commentary
  • Online Stability
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