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On the 9th of January, SOEDESCO gave us an update on the Dollhouse, a psychological horror game originally slated for 2016 by Canadian developer Creazn studio. Dollhouse has been in development since 2014, according to project manager at Creazn studio, Andrew Tsan. This update is to announce that Creazn has made a publishing deal with SOEDESCO allowing them to publish their game not only on Steam but also on PS4 with physical editions available alongside digital downloads. Moreover, they announced that Dollhouse will release this year – with no definitive date slated.

Dollhouse is a film noir psychological horror set in an atmospheric 1950’s Hollywood, as you take control of Marie. Marie is an amnesia tormented detective looking for answers on her, presumed to be, dead daughter. You will have to piece Marie’s memories back together to escape the nightmarish world as she discovers the truth.

Single-player will entail you escaping your pursuer, upgrading your character with forty plus abilities, exploring a procedurally generated map. Alternately you can share the experience with friends in competitive multiplayer, as you and your friends hunt down individual targets as any of the 14 playable characters, each with their own story. The release, as mentioned above, is slated for general 2019 on Steam, with physical and digital distribution on PS4.

I had never heard of Dollhouse until I had gotten the press release email, which intrigued me after some research. With development starting in 2014 many would suspect there to be a drop off in interest, though four years on people have kept up with the game. Looking at the footage, fact sheets, and the other small amounts of information I could ascertain about Dollhouse, there may be Outlast comparisons to draw. With no gameplay to be found outside of trailers, there is only speculation to be had at this moment. I can’t wait to see the full release of Dollhouse and get a hands-on feel of the game.

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