Sekiro’s Removal Of Multiplayer Explained

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Shortly after its reveal during Microsoft’s E3 2018 press conference, it was announced that From Software’s upcoming samurai action games Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice would be a strictly single-player experience.

This was a surprise for fans of From Software’s more recent works such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne, with those titles having interesting and unique multiplayer functionality that kept more hardcore players invested in the long term.

Through Game Informer, Yasuhiro Kitao (From Software manager of marketing and communications) stated, “Of course, we at From, we love those online elements. We love to create our own characters just as much as everyone else. We hope players are looking forward to something in the future where we might go back to that, but for now, Sekiro is very much its own thing.”

Kitao continues to elaborate on how it may affect the level design, “When creating these playspaces, we don’t have to take into consideration how players will operate with one another in these maps, or how they may exploit the playspace by cooperating or something like this. So it allows us, again, to hone in on the player experience, and really capitalize on that lack of restriction that comes with creating a multiplayer-based game, and let our imagination run wild in these places.”

It seems like From Software has taken the bold choice to forgo multiplayer to give themselves more room for creativity in the level design and environments overall.

Game Informer has also confirmed that due to not having multiplayer functionality, Sekiro has a dedicated pause button. This is sure to be a sigh of relief for those who were pining for one in some of their previous titles.

The infamous boss fights that From Software have gained a reputation for will also be designed with single player in mind, which could potentially lead to more flexibility and variety in the types of encounters available.

How do you feel about the reasoning behind the removal of multiplayer? Are you excited to have a single-player focused experience, or do you wish Sekrio had the familiar multiplayer integration from previous titles? Let us know down below.

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