Sega Ages revived on Nintendo Switch!

SEGA of America has announced that they are bringing back Sega Ages on the Nintendo Switch. Sega Ages will relaunch this Summer (summer of 2018 at the time of this article) and have announced the first five titles; Phantasy Star and Alex Kidd in Miracle World from the Sega Master System, Sonic the Hedgehog and Thunder Force IV from the Sega Genesis (or the Mega Drive everywhere else), and an original arcade port of Gain Ground.

Developed by Japanese game developer M2, Sega Ages is a series of classic SEGA games being released on the Nintendo Switch with modern day ports. M2 is known for their high-quality ports, having done the SEGA 3D Classics series on the Nintendo 3DS. This is a great way for gamers from the days of the Genesis to relive their childhood, and possibly even share those experiences with their own kids, gamers who missed out on the SEGA side of the console wars, and gamers who just want a taste of history.

For those unaware, SEGA used to make video game consoles, starting with the Sega Master System, and ending with the Sega Dreamcast. Nowadays SEGA just makes and publishes games (still not an easy feat), but back in the 90’s, it was a war between Nintendo and Sega to take over the console market.

Back in the 90’s, if you said to a hardcore Nintendo or SEGA fan that Nintendo consoles would eventually be a platform for SEGA titles, they would’ve thought you were crazy, which is a big part of why these ports are so fascinating. The Blue Hedgehog and The Italian Plumber, once foes on the battlefield of capitalism, are now allies in… well, capitalism.

Check out the Nintendo E-Shop to keep up to date on when you can get your hands on some of the Sega Ages titles!

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