Runescape Mining and Smithing Rework

After months of beta, Jagex finally released the Mining and Smithing rework. What a rework!

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Hey there! Have you heard about the new Mining and Smithing rework? No? Well, strap on in, as it’s one banging update!

Both skills, formerly quite boring and not entirely useful, have had a complete overhaul. From some minor changes in level requirements to new ores, armor, and a totally new system, this update has the fire behind it. So let’s turn up the heat!

Firstly, the small changes. Rune armor, which requires level 50 defense to wear, required 80 smithing to make, making it pretty much useless. Jagex has fixed that, lowering the requirements to 50 smithing to coincide with their usage counterparts. Similarly, Adamant has had the same fix.

Upon your first time of login, any item that was of these metals will have turned to tokens, which you can use in the Artisan Workshop to convert back to armor or to Salvage. This is because Jagex didn’t want High Alchemy to become crazy. As someone who used to High Alch 100 Rune Platebodies a day, this was quite a shock, losing me 2 million GP overnight. However, Salvage replaces these armor pieces on drop tables such as Dark Beasts and will still give you the amount of money you expect, so High Alching isn’t dead. Also, Dragon Helmets seem a good replacement if you want to buy your alching material off the Grand Exchange!

With this change in level, it means 60-90 would have no new ores to mine or things to smelt. So, they’ve added new ores such as Banite Ore. I’ll be honest, I’m still not entirely sure what they’ve added and what they haven’t, as there is A LOT. You can also upgrade your armor up to five times AND combine ores and bars to make different ores and bars. Madness! In addition, at every furnace there is an ore bank, allowing you to quickly access any ore you need (and saving precious bank space).

The changes don’t end there. That’s just the beginning. Both skills have had their mechanics reworked entirely. Let’s start with mining. Every in-game tick, you will gain experience points. Instead of getting an ore after a random period of time, you will have a mining meter and once that is full, you gain an ore. This meter will go up quicker if your level is higher than the ore, as well as if your pickaxe is the same or higher tier than the ore.

For example, I will get a reduced rate of ore from Banite Ore (Tier 80) with a Crystal Pickaxe (Tier 70) despite being level 99 in Mining. Switch to a Banite Pickaxe and I’m back to the normal rate. There is also a small slow-down period in how you mine if you go AFK. The maximum loss you’ll have is 20%, meaning you’ll mine at 80% speed. Jagex recommends hitting the rock every 4 ticks to keep at a perfect speed, but honestly, it doesn’t matter.

Coal bags have gone as ore boxes have replaced them. You need to create these ore boxes, but they will hold 100 of each ore, allowing you to mine for longer without having to either drop the ore or bank them. Finally, some rocks will have a shine on them which will give a small bonus in XP and how quick your mining meter goes up. This bonus is slight, however, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Oh, I almost forgot. Rock’s don’t deplete anymore, so no competition with other players! Woohoo!

Now onto smithing. Smithing will take longer than before by quite some margin, but it will also give you more XP and because it takes longer, the GP of your item is likely to rise too. Each item will start with 100% heat, which will deplete as you smith. When the heat is less, the item is slower to smith, so keep topping up on heat from the nearby heater! The Artisan workshops anvils allow you to smith any item now and gain respect, so it’s highly recommended to smith there.

There is likely more changes that I am forgetting, so check out this webpage from Jagex themselves with all changes. Now, you’re all prepared! So grab your Pickaxe and start working towards that new Tier 90 Power Armor!

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