The Pokémon Trading Card Game Online Is Worth Your Time

There is no doubt that Pokémon is seeing a bit of a resurgence with the success of the Let’s Go series recently released on the Switch. A full mainline title is scheduled for next year and, from my personal studies, a huge growth in excitement has come back to the series. My daughter caught the Poke-Fever and now is as good a time as any to explore what is out there for Pokémon fans.

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of card games, and since Wizard’s of the Coast launched the Pokémon CCG back in 1997, I have played a few games through the years. When The Pokémon TCG launched an online client, I even gave that a shot, though I wasn’t really into the series at all during the time. It was made well enough, but not quite ready for the spotlight.

Now that my daughter is all up in Eevee’s face and in loooooove (sic) with Jigglypuff, I purchased a chunk of cards and have played some with her. Then I realized, this is a really good card game. It can feel a bit lopsided at times, but after a 30-minute match online today, where I had to just survive while I assembled a four leaf clover to get my last prize card for the win, I realized there was much more to the game than simply flipping coins and hoping.

What I am trying to say is this; you owe it to yourself to try the online game, at least through the tutorial. Start here and hide your wallet. Actually, scratch that, don’t worry about your wallet. The Pokémon Company is one of the fairest and most intelligent companies when it comes to getting their products in kids and parents/adults hands. Not only do they offer a wide variety of theme decks, special packages with all kinds of goodies and a constant stream of new cards, but they also offer a code in everything you buy to redeem the physical product for the same thing in the game.

If you buy a theme deck, you redeem the code and you get that theme deck online. If you buy a box of booster packs, which includes 36 packs, you get 36 codes for 36 packs in the game. Buy a special Trainer Kit, get a special code for the sleeves and coin to use online. It makes the cost of buying a pack much less painful when you know you are going to open twice as much split between the physical and digital versions.

On top of that, even if you don’t play the physical game, the cards are some of the best out there. The card stock and the full art foils, some textured, are extremely high quality. I’m looking at you Magic. While the foils that come in theme decks have a tendency to warp a little, most of the full art cards are solid and have a nice weight to them. Add to that the new sets coming out that will appeal to both boys and girls (Fairy Rise launches in February) and you have a game that can be fun with your partner, your kids, or just online, and at a reasonable cost for a card game. If you haven’t checked it out, give it a shot. We will cover more soon, and likely stream a good bit over the holidays.

If you are interested in picking up some cards, support your local game store if it is within your means, or check out Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Don’t hesitate to add GamingHistoria to friends if you would like to get online and play some games with me. If you are new I can help you out a bit as well!

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