Pokémon GO Trainer Battle Details Revealed

Following last week’s tease on Twitter, the highly requested Trainer Battles in Pokémon GO have now been detailed on the official Pokémon website, giving fans an indication of what to expect.

The post reads: “With Trainer Battles, you can match up against another Trainer using a Battle Code, then face off using teams of three Pokémon. When the match is over, both participants will receive great rewards, including a chance at rare Evolution items. To make sure the battle is even, Trainers must compete in the same Trainer Battle League, which determines the highest CP permitted for the participating Pokémon.”

“The fast-paced battles take place in real time, and your Pokémon will be able to use both their Fast Attack and Charged Attack moves. You’ll also be able to use Stardust and Candy prior to battle to unlock a bonus Charged Attack for your Pokémon.”

Those familiar with gym battles in Pokémon GO should have no trouble picking up trainer battles, as they appear to utilize the same battle system.

While some players have criticized Pokémon GO’s simplistic battle system in the past, it seems that Niantic will be continuing to stick with it in the pursuit of appealing to a wider and more casual audience.

The post continues; “Battles aren’t just about who has the toughest Pokémon and the strongest moves. Timing is important, too. If you keep an eye on your opponent’s moves, you may be able to deploy a Protect Shield to save your Pokémon from taking critical damage. But you only have a limited number of Protect Shields before your Pokémon will be left defenseless against big attacks.”

Protect Shields are a new mechanic that wasn’t previously available in gym battles.

The post also mentions battling against certain NPC’s. “If you’re looking to improve your Trainer Battle skills, take on team leaders Spark, Candela, and Blanche! You can earn daily rewards when training with a team leader, including Stardust to help power up your Pokémon. You’ll also be working toward earning the Ace Trainer medal!”

This adds extra functionality to the team leaders, who had previously only been used for appraising Pokémon.

Trainer Battles will be coming to Pokémon GO soon.

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