Podcast: Gaming Historia: Magic Arena vs. Eternal

This week on Gaming Historia, Chris Gravelle and Chris Hepburn discuss the differences in Magic Arena and Eternal, the two big digital card games on the rise (in our opinions). While we may not be as unbiased as we should be, it is key to remember that Magic Arena is still very early in beta and Eternal has been going strong a bit longer. Still, there are key differences in the two games and we (primarily Gravelle) break down the differences in the two games and what the future may hold. This is a podcast that is very much targeted towards newer players that are unfamiliar with the games but should be interesting for players of all skill levels. Like what we did here? Stay tuned, a new Eternal focused podcast will be launching in season 2 of our podcast network which will go live in August.

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Chris Gravelle

Author and Talker. Chris has two talents, and wasn't sure how to make those work. Then he discovered that he could just talk and write about entertainment and, for some reason, people listened. So, here we are. Talking and authoring. Getting into your eye-holes and ear-holes.

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