Platformer Tyler: Model 005 Release Date Announced

Producer Maximum Games and developer Reversed Interactive have announced that their new 3D action platformer, Tyler: Model 005, will be available to purchase via Steam and Xbox One on August 21st for $9.99.

Tyler: Model 005 is set in the 1950’s where you play a tiny robot named Tyler who was reawakened by a lightning storm, and now you must find out what happened to your creator and the house you’re in. Tyler is a tiny robot so you must find your way through many obstacles in your house like bookshelves and chairs, rats and spiders, and much more, all while avoiding being swallowed by the darkness or fear shutting down forever.

Tyler, however, is not a little-lost lamb as he has some defenses, from your trusty bolt-blade, boxing gloves, and cherry bombs. You can also find costumes to wear and collectibles to upgrade your skill tree.

Maximum Games has been publishing games since 2009, with the likes of Farming Simulator, Conan Exiles, and Surviving Mars being available via their site. Tyler: Model 005 is actually Reversed Interactives second game, the first being Disassembled for the Oculus Touch.

It seems that we are going to be in for a big journey from Tyler: Model 005, which will have you doing things like recruiting other robots you may find, solving puzzles inside and outside the house, and even traveling through time to change the past.

If you like platformers, intriguing stories, and robots, you might find something fun when it comes out. I’m very interested in this game, for obvious reasons, but also because the game seems similar to Toy Story 2, one of my favorite games because it turns a regular situation into a huge playground.

Tyler: Model 005 has been in early access on Steam since February 3rd, 2017, so you may pre-purchase the game right now, with the full release being available on Xbox Live and Steam on August 21st.

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