Nintendo files Patents for Donkey Kong Bongos and amiibo Trading Cards

Nintendo has all sorts of interesting plans up their sleeve, that is if the new patents they’ve registered are any indication. In the past few weeks, Nintendo has filed a number of new patents and trademarks for a variety of different products. The first set includes trademarks for a variety of different Mario-centric words such as Daisy, Toadette, Goomba, Fireflower, Pipe, and Star, in both English and Japanese. Given Daisy and Toadette’s inclusions, it’s likely the trademarks are for a possible new Mario Party for Switch (or a surprise Smash inclusion, perhaps?).

A very interesting patent filed includes the infamous Donkey Kong bongos set for the Switch (YES). That patent was filed alongside a Switch keyboard. Both would connect to the system with NFC, similar to the Joy-Cons. Does this signal the arrival of a new Donkey Kong Jungle Beat or Donkey Konga game for the Switch? Does the keyboard signal changes with the upcoming paid online service (let’s hope so)? We might soon find out.

The final patent was actually filed in November but was just discovered recently. The patent described trading cards with amiibo-like functionality (not the previously released amiibo cards). The cards have stats and character pictures, similar to Pokémon cards, and would interact with the Switch and 3DS in some way. Perhaps the Pokémon TCG Online might come to the Switch and interact with the cards somehow?

All of these patents should be taken with a big grain of salt, as patents are just ideas, and don’t always end up as fully realized products. Keep an eye out for Dark Souls Remastered being completed with Donkey Kong bongos though!

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Colby Tortorici

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Zac LaRocque-Walker

Dear Nintendo,
for the love of god, please make stupid Amiibo cards for Smash characters and all of the Zelda ones. Paying hundreds of dollars on eBay for dumb Amiibo to unlock sweet stuff in Zelda is incredibly lame. People are already buying the cards off of people, so just make nice looking ones and make everyone happy. You’re welcome.