Nintendo Direct Postponed Due to Hokkaido Earthquake

Today’s planned Nintendo Direct, announced the morning of the 5th, won’t be airing as scheduled. A powerful earthquake struck Hokkaido, Japan this morning so Nintendo has opted to postpone the presentation to a later date.

Nintendo’s tweet announcing the news doesn’t specify a new day/time but promises to share an update in the future. The 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit Hokkaido early this morning. It triggered landslides that buried several homes and has caused 9 casualties at the time of this writing. The disaster is the latest in a string of catastrophes to plague Japan this summer, which include a typhoon and heatwave.     

The future Direct will showcase upcoming Switch and 3DS titles. With a 35-minute runtime, it appears to be one of the more substantial presentations. In the meantime, our thoughts go out to those affected by the disaster.

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Marcus Stewart

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