Magic: the Gathering Masters 25 Spoilers Are Complete

Wizards is celebrating Magic's history with some great selections

Wizards of the Coast is celebrating Magic: the Gathering’s 25th anniversary this year, and have a number of things in store for players. There are some interesting new products coming out, a new core set that will return to Dominaria, the plane that started it all, and Masters 25. The spoilers are now complete and with the launch of the set just around the corner I thought it would be good to take a quick look at things and talk about the hits and potential misses involved in Wizards choices.


Jace, the Mind Sculptor, one of the most iconic cards in the game. Wizards of the Coasts.

The goal of Masters 25 was to celebrate the entire history of Magic. What that means is that cards were selected from every single Magic set ever published, yes even the much-maligned Fallen Empires and Homelands sets. Overall they have done a pretty good job with the picks and there are some great standouts. Of course one of the most talked about inclusions was Jace, the Mind Sculptor. He’s been a boogeyman of sorts to the game ever since his banning in both Standard and Modern, a card seen as too powerful for anything outside of Legacy play. However, Wizards just recently removed the ban on the card in Modern, so the demand for Jace has skyrocketed. It will likely also help sell even more packs of M25. Another big inclusion is Imperial Recruiter, a card from the Portals: Three Kingdoms release that is incredibly rare and very much sought after. What was once a card worth hundreds of dollars has dipped in price to be slightly more reasonable, and gives hope that we may see more of the Three Kingdoms cards down the road.

The Urza lands, somehow, were not included in Masters 25. Wizards of the Coast.

There are some disappointing choices that many in the community have really picked up on. While there are plenty of the Urza lands out there and available to players, the cards are so popular most people wanted a fresh new printing with maybe some new art. Sadly that is not the case, so there are no Urza lands, nor are there allied-color filter lands. The filter lands, especially in popular color pairings like white and blue, or black and blue, are also in high demand. These cards allow you to pay one of either color, to get two of any combination of the coloured mana the lands produce. For some reason the allied versions haven’t received much in the way of printings, but at least the enemy pairings, black and white for example, are going to be included. Still, hopefully we see the other filter lands in a set sooner than later to help drive down some prices.

Overall, there are some great inclusions. You have staples like Lightning Bolt, Counter Spell, and even Swords to Plowshares. There are some other cards like Mystic Snake, or Coalition Relic that people that play Commander will definitely want to get as well as some of the legendary creatures in the set. How the set will play in limited formats, like draft, well I have no clue. I keep looking at the set and the cards, and while it seems to have a great representation of choices from Magic’s past, I’m not sure how it will play out in draft, which is the ideal way to crack some of these packs. Regardless, I’m excited to open some of these and add some classic cards to my collection. What are you looking forward to, and has the set been exciting or disappointing so far? Let us know in the comments below.

To see the entire selection of cards in Masters 25, click here.

Featured image: Wizards of the Coast

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