Limited Run Games and Best Buy Partner Up

Best Buy and I have a love/hate relationship. Full disclaimer, I was employed by the company for some time. I loved working there and made sure that every person that walked through the doors and even got close to the gaming section knew about the Gamer’s Club Unlocked program. The program was fantastic as members saved 20% off all new games, regardless of price. Buying that $250 limited collector’s edition of something? Take $50 off. It has been discontinued, which I get from a business perspective, but it was still a sad day when the announcement came. I hated to see that Best Buy was gaining traction in the gaming market and gave up their best way to get people in from the start.

Now, though, they have shown that they aren’t completely oblivious as to what gamers want and how to keep them coming to the store. Brick and mortar stores have to do something special to get customers in. Best Buy was able to bring people in the door with Gamer’s Club Unlocked, and while you are in the store, why not check out that TV you were thinking about, or look at a new soundbar or speaker set up? It was a great way to keep people coming in.

GameStop (love em or hate em) has some of the most knowledgeable employees in the business. That’s how they keep people coming in, though that has been stressed less recently and they are seeing a drop in stock because of it. The small family shops also have that Cheers feeling to them, that makes you a special part of their business.

So, without Gamer’s Club Unlocked, how does Best Buy keep gamers coming in? It may be a small gesture, but they have teamed up with LImited Run Games to bring Yooka-Laylee, Golf Story, and an unannounced third title to their stores as physical titles. These games were previously digital only, but games that were beloved by many.

The third title could be anything (A Hat in Time, anyone?), but getting them on shelves soon is going to be key. For families picking up a Switch for the holidays, these games should be priced well and an easy attach for new owners. Yooka-Laylee should be in store by the end of November alongside Golf Story, while the third game should hit by late December. We will update you once we know more through or more news coverage on the site.

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