January 2019 Update for Assassins Creed Odyssey

New Missions, New Gear, New Boss

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As part of their series of monthly updates for Assassins Creed Odyssey, Ubisoft has released a video for the month of January.

The update showcases a title update, new missions, and new equipment to deck out your assassin. Below is a synopsis of the update video. 

The Legacy of the First Blade

Episode 2, titled The Shadow Heritage, will continue the storyline of The Legacy of the First Blade.
The episode will be available January 15th. To access it you must have completed the 1st episode, Hunted, achieved level 28, and have completed the Naxos questline in Chapter 7 of the main story.

Lost Tales of Greece

2 new Lost Tales of Greece missions will be available.

– Daughters of Lalaia. You will be tasked with ensuring the survival of a village where all the warriors have left to fight, leaving the remaining villagers defenseless. The first quest is called A Gathering Storm and can be found in the Phokis region after reaching Chapter 5. Level 13 is recommended for this mission.

– Poet’s Legacy. Greece’s most scandalous poet isn’t quite what she seems as you become increasingly involved in her risqué performances. The first quest is called Praxillas Admirer and can be found in the Boetia region after reaching Chapter 5. A level of 34 is recommended for this mission.

Legendary Boss Fight

A new legendary boss will be available to test your might on and obtain a legendary weapon. Arges, the Bright One is a cyclops that resides on the Angry Caldera of Arges, a volcanic island. 

Ubisoft Club Reward

Aya, the secondary protagonist from Assassins Creed Origins, can be unlocked from the Ubisoft Club rewards catalog as a Legacy Lieutenant for your ship, The Adrestia.

New Items

2 new item packs will available. Both packs will contain a new gear set, a new mount, and a new legendary weapon.

– The Dionysos pack

– The Athena pack

Title Update

2 new tiers have been added to the Mercenary Ladder. Defending your title of deadliest Mercenary in Greece will net you rewards “worthy of a demigod.”

A new vendor is being added to the game, Hephaistos’ Workshop. Here you can:

–  View all existing gear engravings and buy new ones.

– Upgrade your gear to Engravings Tier 6 or 7.

–  Engrave your gear, as you can in any blacksmith in the game.

This new vendor can be found in the Malis Region in Myson Cave.

Enemy scaling was one of the most requested features in the Assassins Creed community. The new title update will allow you to scale the level of enemies to your preference:

– Heavy. All enemies remain at your level.

– Normal. No change in the difficulty settings.

– Light. Enemies are around two levels below your level.

– Very light. Enemies are around four levels below your level.

Enemy scaling can be found in the options menu and will not be available in the Nightmare Difficulty mode. The title update will go live on January 10th.

A video highlighting the specifics of the update can be found here.

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