It’s Time to Duel! Yugi Muto Joins Jump Force

Duelists rejoice! Bandai Namco has announced that Yu-Gi-Oh! poster boy and King of Games Yugi Muto will be a playable fighter in Jump Force. The boy with the impossibly spiky hair looks to open our minds to his combat potential. 

This is expected on some level as Yu-Gi-Oh! has been one of Shonen Jump’s most popular series, whether it be manga, anime, or the trading card game. However, given that Yugi generally battles with cards rather than fists, it remains to be seen how he’ll play. Perhaps he’ll summon Dark Magician to do the fighting for him? Since every Jump Force hero has a respective antagonist on the roster, it seems likely that Yugi’s chief rival, Seto Kaiba, will join the game to oppose him. We’ll just have to believe in the heart of the cards and hope for the best on that one.  

Jump Force was first revealed during Microsoft’s E3 2018 presentation. The game pits iconic Shonen Jump characters against each other in 3-on-3 tag team combat. It arrives in 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Here’s a reminder of the combatants that have made the cut thus far:

Goku – Dragon Ball Z
Frieza – Dragon Ball Z 
Vegeta – Dragon Ball Z
Naruto Uzumaki – Naruto Shippūden
Sasuke Uchiha – Naruto Shippūden
Monkey D. Luffy – One Piece
Roronoa Zoro – One Piece
Blackbeard – One Piece
Sanji – One Piece
Sabo – One Piece
Ichigo Kurosaki – Bleach
Rukia Kuchiki – Bleach
Sosuke Aizen – Bleach
Gon – Hunter x Hunter
Hisoka – Hunter x Hunter

Death Note‘s Light Yagami and Ryuk will also appear in the story mode as non-playable characters. Check out the game’s most recent trailer from this year’s Gamescom.

For more information on Jump Force or if you’d like to pre-order, you can visit Bandai Namco’s website.

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