In Search of the Story: Choose Your Own Adventure

Are Multiple Endings in Games Really Different?

This week on In Search of the Story, Chris is replaced by Chris (Hepburn), and Olivia continues to sit in the captain chair as the two discuss games with multiple endings and the idea of choice in entertainment. This is a new adventure unto itself. Gravelle found that he was a bit overloaded and probably in your ears too much, so he will only be a guest host on occasion for In Search of the Story.

New dynamics! New stories! New chemistry!

But WAIT! There’s More!

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Chris Gravelle

Author and Talker. Chris has two talents, and wasn't sure how to make those work. Then he discovered that he could just talk and write about entertainment and, for some reason, people listened. So, here we are. Talking and authoring. Getting into your eye-holes and ear-holes.

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