Illumination Games announces Skies of Fury DX for Switch!

Canadian game publisher Illumination Games alongside game developer Seed Interactive has announced that Ace Academy: Skies of Fury, from iOS and Android, will re-release on the Nintendo Switch as Skies of Fury DX.

Skies of Fury takes place in World War One during Bloody April 1917, where you take control of either the British or German Air Forces in a campaign of dogfights where you can customize your desired plane to become faster and stronger to give you and your team that edge you need!

The DX port on the Nintendo Switch will be introducing two brand new modes; online multiplayer and a split screen mode so you can battle your friends whether they are online or within arm’s reach where you can take out your real ‘fury’ on them.

Skies of Fury DX boasts an impressive vintage comic book art style, in the vein of Borderlands, which looked fantastic on the original mobile version, so I am excited to see how the game looks and runs on the Nintendo Switch. With lots of content to experience from the previously mentioned multiplayer, to unlockable historically accurate Bloody April comic books, unlockable plane upgrades, and a 100 mission campaign, it seems like we have some fun to look forward to from the Nintendo Switch’s first air combat video game!

Skies of Fury was originally created in collaboration between Illumination Games (the publisher), Seed Interactive (the developer), and Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation, for Ingenium’s Canadian Aviation and Space Museum.

For those interested in the historical aspect of the game, Bloody April is the name designated to the British Air Force operations of the Battle of Arras, where the British and French launched a ground attack against the German forces near the French town of Arras, while the Royal Flying Corps (the British Air Force) took on the German Air Force above. Reports show that the RFC lost 245 airplanes in the battle while the German Air Force (the Luftstreitkräfte) lost only 66. The losses from the battle are what gives it the name Bloody April. The British forces still won due to the RFC assisting the ground forces.

Illumination Games focuses on bringing fun educational games to the game market, to help educate the world on everything from history to science through the interactive medium, wanting gamers to learn but have fun while doing it.

Skies of Fury DX releases on the Nintendo E-Shop on April 12th.


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