Giveaway: God of War PS4 Physical Copy Giveaway Extension (Update)

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Hey everyone, as you are hopefully aware, we have a physical copy of God of War for PS4 to giveaway. Unfortunately, we did not see many people following along for entries, possibly due to the original announcement getting lost in the constant updates on the site, so I wanted to extend it to the end of this week (07/06). To enter, all you need to do is follow us on Twitch, Retweet and Follow on Twitter, and leave a comment on this article that you are entered, and what your usernames were per platform. If you prefer to keep that info private, DM me the info on Twitter.

We will be giving an extra two entries if you subscribe to our Twitch channel, and four additional entries for any level of Patreon support (you know it is the right thing to do). Again, leave the names you use, or DM on Twitter to make sure that you are entered. This is a North American copy, so if you are outside of the region, the game likely won’t work for you (and shipping will cost as much as the game itself). But enter anyway! We have plenty of other games to giveaway on PC and you can even have your choice from our library!

So to be crystal clear. Follow on Twitch, Twitter, and comment on this article and retweet this Tweet. Patreon and Twitch Subscribers get additional entries. Friday the winner will be announced. But we have a ton of stuff coming down the pipe – so make sure you follow as we do giveaways randomly on our stream and on Twitter, and that will be happening more and more in the coming weeks and months. The sky is the limit for what you could win from us!






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Author and Talker. Chris has two talents, and wasn't sure how to make those work. Then he discovered that he could just talk and write about entertainment and, for some reason, people listened. So, here we are. Talking and authoring. Getting into your eye-holes and ear-holes.

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Lilli M Harkness
Lilli M Harkness

This sounds like fun! 😀 I’m really glad to see your site taking off. Hope it continues to grow and succeed!

Aaron Krapf
Aaron Krapf

Just heard about your website from my friend a few days ago! Wish you guys the best!
Twitch: chowbaaron
Twitter: @akrapf96

Alexx Aplin

Thank you so much Aaron! We’re glad you found us!

Lorena A
Lorena A

This site looks great!