Gaming Historia 2.0 Notes (Plus Giveaway Details! Now Including Kingdom Hearts 3)

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Welcome to Gaming Historia 2.0! If you frequent the site, you likely already noticed some changes to our layout. As this is the “beta” of 2.0 there are still some things we need to work on. Giveaway details, including copies of Kingdom Hearts 3 in the post. The biggest change, besides streamlining the site even more and removing anything that is even sort of an advertisement, is the audio option at the start of every single article on the site (pending the time it takes to update the 1k articles in our backlog). Now, you are able to click the play button at the top of any article to hear the entire thing read out loud. Why would we incorporate something like this and take on even more expenses?

The idea behind Gaming Historia, from the start, has been to change how you get your entertainment news. We aren’t just a video game site. We don’t focus on core gamers exclusively. We won’t ever have advertisers. We will always strive to make the site more accessible to more people with every step we take. For those that have trouble seeing the screen easily, our voice bot will give you the ability to still enjoy everything we do. It is just another way we try to make the site more accessible for people with different types of needs.

It is the same reason we went with the dark colors for the site. On top of that, we are working on making the site faster. It will take time, but you should see some minor speed increases. We will also see you much more frequently on all of our social media as we are going to be more active in that space as well.

With all of that said, there are some things that we need from you. None of this is free, and the parts that cost us a great deal of our time. We need your help if you are in the position to do so, financially. I never like to ask for money, but the team that works on the site daily is sacrificing a great deal, and right now we have little to show for it. So, we are going to push for more Patreon support with giveaways every month, some big, some small, some in the middle, to make it a little more enticing for you to support us.

To start, a number of items will be coming out of my own collection over the first few months. As our Patreon support grows, bigger and better things will be on the way. We have great relationships with our PR partners and should be able to surprise you guys as we move into year two here at Gaming Historia.

For now, consider joining on Patreon. If half of our current regulars gave a dollar a month, we would be set for the year by May or June. Then, we would be able to start putting the money we make towards more things for the sites and our communities.

Our podcasts are coming back very soon, and YouTube proper is on the horizon. Also, expect to see more streaming very soon as we finish welcoming all the new writers on the staff and get all the kinks worked out on the latest update.

We also want to let you know about a special Kingdom Hearts 3 giveaway that we are doing. We have two copies. All active Patreon subscribers will be entered for both. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, if you aren’t a subscriber, to be entered for the other copy. To be clear. One copy can be won by anyone, but Patrons could win both copies. This would happen if one Patron won the Patron-only giveaway and another won the “everyone” giveaway.

Want to see some of the stuff that will be showing up for our Patreon supporters monthly giveaways? This is just a taste. Games, collectibles, and a whole host of other stuff will be on the way as well.

We can’t thank you guys enough for continuing to visit the site, and we all want to go ahead and thank for your support on Patreon. The money isn’t going into some fatcat’s wallet. It is getting us out of the red, and allowing us to continue to grow the site so you have a better experience. There are big plans on the horizon, but none of them are free at this point, and we will have to rely on your generosity to make those goals happen.

Visit us on our Patreon Page to show your support!

As always, it is a pleasure to try to bring you the best site we can each and every day.

Chris Gravelle

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Chris Gravelle

Author and Talker. Chris has two talents, and wasn't sure how to make those work. Then he discovered that he could just talk and write about entertainment and, for some reason, people listened. So, here we are. Talking and authoring. Getting into your eye-holes and ear-holes.

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