Fortnite Season Six – Initial Thoughts

The sixth season of Epic Games' Battle Royale, Fortnite, was released just over a week ago. What's new and what's gone? What is good and bad?

It’s been a little over a week since Fortnite Season Six started. With this season being Halloween themed and leading on from the cube event in Season Five, there were (as always) changes to the map and a new game mechanic. Instead of doing a traditional overview of the changes, I decided to give it a while and test everything myself. With that being said, let’s look at everything that changed on the crossover and dissect them.

Things removed from Season 5

Firstly, I want to say rest in peace to the vaulted items: Impulse Grenade, Suppressed Submachine Gun, Light Machine Gun, Bouncer, and Remote Explosives. I was surprised to see the latter two removed after Epic Games had spent season five trying to change them, but they have their reasoning. Did this really change much of the game though? Not entirely. Bouncers and Remote Explosives were the only ones I have actively missed at points of the game but also it makes building and rotating earlier more prevalent. This is a good thing for the game, especially after all of the building nerfs made during the last few months.

Then we move onto Rifts. I was scared that Rifts were going to be completely canned, just like the Hop Rocks were back in Season Four. However, I am happy they kept at least some of them. Not all remain (RIP Greasy) but most are still there – including my favorite place in Viking Village. This is a great change and I am glad Epic Games didn’t entirely remove Rifts!

They also tweaked the damage of the Double-Barrel Shotgun, the drop rate of the Daul Pistols and the number of uses in the Clinger. The former I think is a terrible change, as the Double-Barrel Shotgun was already useless at anything but “extremely close range”. This just makes it a useless gun in my opinion. The other two I don’t really have an opinion on; it doesn’t seem like a good or bad change to me.

Map Changes

Now we get to the map changes. There are three big changes and one smaller one: Loot Lake, The Floating Island, The Corrupt Areas, and The Haunted Castle. I’ll be honest, I haven’t gone to the latter. The others though I have and they are sure interesting. Oh, and at least the summer was good for some farmers!

Loot Lake, to me anyhow, is still awful. When the season started, I thought the Floating Island was going to stay above Loot Lake and it actually made me happy. There was actually a reason to drop there. However, as soon as it moved, my happiness faded away, just like the loot and actual use of dropping there. The crevice in the middle is a nice touch though, I do have to admit.

The Floating Island is a cool concept and one I like a lot. The loot is pretty decent and with the zero-gravity-esque wind around the island, it makes combat fun and challenging. I just wish the loot didn’t fall down to the bottom.

The Corrupt Areas are the places I don’t really care too much about. They house the Shadow Stones, which I’ll speak about shortly, and they can have chests in the middle. The geysers of darkness that catapult you forward are cool, but the area itself doesn’t do much for me. I guess you could say it’s like the pillars from season five where the Rifts are. Some people like dropping there. And hey, there is more loot in them than Loot Lake so…


The new mechanic in season six is the Shadow Stones. “These have been temporarily removed.” All jokes aside, from the time they have been in the game, I have found them fun. The movement is similar to a Hop Rock and the phasing is a cool concept but not really one I see as needed. I have had someone bamboozle me, but I failed to do the same to another player. I guess I just need more time. The only criticism I have with these things is the lack of a timer. The visual timer is short and doesn’t give you enough warning in my opinion.


I saw the first few skins of the battle pass and I wasn’t sold. The Camality skin looked cool in its final form, but after doing the grind last season, I wasn’t sold. The dances didn’t do the trick either. The pets? A gimmick. However, the raven wings back bling, the glider and then a werewolf final skin? I couldn’t hit the buy button quick enough!

One thing I noticed – and am very happy about – after I bought the battle pass was that the final tier skins XP amount was reduced to 250,000 instead of 500,000. This was a cry of relief, as I spent most of Season Five in a bush farming XP without even playing! If I could, I would personally hug whoever decided that change at Epic because it’s a godsend!

The first few weeks of challenges though, I want to strangle someone. Having to fight oversupply drops, THEN find a llama? Then, in the second week, to have to deal damage with all three main types of a sniper? It took me a few games to even them!

Overall thoughts

Overall, I like the changes in Season Six. However, I feel that it could have done so much more and I certainly prefer Season Five. The latter half of the BattlePass makes up for the former, but that is due to personal tastes. I don’t see Shadow Stones making much of an impact, certainly, not like the Rifts have done (which I am also glad stayed). Now… Do I want to drop to that damn castle yet?

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