EVERSPACE Enhanced Available Now on Xbox One

Rockfish Games debuts Incredible Update for Popular 3D Space Shooter

Indie space shooter, Everspace is now available now on the Xbox One’s enhanced games list. The enhancement patch went live on March 16.

German developer, Rockfish Games said the free patch can now be downloaded from the Xbox Store, and, “[features] the option of rendering in native 4K at 30 fps or with 60 fps and an improved level of detail distance settings as well as better shadow, shader, lighting, and VFX quality in native 1080p.”

Everspace Enhanced

Following the patch announcement, CEO and Rockfish Games co-founder, Michael Schade had this to say:

“The Xbox One X is a beast of a console, and we are glad that it closes the gap to gaming PCs. [Of course, you will always have more computing and rendering power in a high-end gaming PC, but it will come at a much higher cost, in a much bigger casing, and with more maintenance effort.]…On console, Everspace has never looked any better and played more smoothly than on the Xbox One X, hands down.”

Rockfish is currently working to bring their acclaimed expansion Everspace – Encounters to the Xbox One and Windows Store. The expansion has 97% positive reviews on Steam. In the meantime, you can pick up the base game for $29.99 at the Xbox Store.

Check out the Encounters expansion trailer below:

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