Do We Really Need a Lion King Remaster?

I fully understand that the title asks an unfair question. When it comes to the worlds of sports and entertainment, the public does not truly NEED it. The industry provides us with a much-needed respite from the real world and can help us feel good, however, these are wants not needs. In general, the human population needs food, water, and work to survive. Movies fall into the WANT category.

In 1994, Disney released arguably the most iconic movie of all time: The Lion King. For those of us who fall into the adult category, The Lion King holds a place in our hearts. We all cried like babies when Simba prodded at his father Mufasa after being trampled. We all shivered when the hyenas cornered Simba and threatened his life. We all felt incredible joy watching the young lion grow up and become everything his father wanted. The Lion King earned our attention, again and again. You are lying to yourself if you do not like this movie or say you didn’t watch it a zillion times. Even as I got older, I can remember exactly where I was when this movie debuted and how much it impacted me growing up.

From there, The Lion King took on a life of its own. Most notably, the movie turned into an incredible success in the world of theater. The movie also spawned a sequel, The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride. To be fair, the sequel never really had a chance. The first iteration had too much success; anything after would be a letdown. I remember seeing LKII, but if you asked me today, I could not recite a single line from the movie.

On November 22nd, Disney released a trailer for The Lion King (2019). The movie will be redone in stunning CGI, but as of this writing, will follow the same exact story. For a minute, the trailer whipped me back into 1994, memories from the story flooding through my brain like a tidal wave. Initially, the excitement from seeing one of my favorites redone was overwhelming.

However, I thought about the whole situation a little bit more and am left wondering if this is truly necessary. When the movie finally hits theaters, the amazing CGI and seeing all of our favorite characters redone in a lifelike fashion will be awesome. In my humble opinion, once the initial shock of seeing everything wears off, the movie gives itself little room. Those in my age range will know everything that will happen on the screen.

Disney should have considered doing another angle for the 2019 version of The Lion King. I would have been so much more excited for this if we got to see a different story not presented in the original. How about the story of Mufasa and his rise to the top? What about seeing Scar’s side of things, and telling us why he became so heartless? Or, how about taking the Simba story even further after the events of the Lion King II?

I will never fault a company for making money by using nostalgia. Disney is one of the world’s most iconic companies for a reason. They know exactly how to tug at our heartstrings. But, I just feel like this one could have been SO much better with a new story.

No doubt, Lion King (2019) will gross millions upon millions of dollars and will be a raving success. I know it will bring back memories that gripped me as a young man. I just wish this took the story somewhere new and gave us another side to the incredible world.

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Just a middle-aged man who finds time to sprinkle in work, basketball, TV and movies in between his love of gaming.

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Callum Davis

There has never been a need for any kind of remaster, it’s the product of a lazy and greedy industry. Film makers and game designers have taken to rebooting or remaking old movies/franchises because new ideas aren’t guaranteed to sell. We will be in a never ending loop of the same stuff if this trend continues, but hopefully it won’t.