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As suggested in our recent article on Catherine: Full Body’s special announcement, Sega has released the original Catherine on Steam under the title Catherine Classic. Atlus’s 2011 puzzle-platformer is available now on Steam for $19.99. The PC release features Japanese voice-over that was previously unavailable in western releases, as well as 4K resolution options and customizable key bindings.

In Catherine players take on the role of Vincent, a man torn between marrying his girlfriend Katherine or abandoning her in favor of the young blonde Catherine. In puzzle sections the player must move blocks to climb a tower whilst avoiding monsters, and to add to the peril the lowest sections of the tower will fall as time goes on, forcing the player to think fast.

Hype for a PC release of Catherine has been swirling for a while following the appearance of several teases on the Steam pages for Bayonetta and Valkyria Chronicles 4, and a ratings update from the ESRB. The reception so far seems good, Catherine Classic currently has a ‘very positive’ rating from user reviews and has placed in Steam’s top sellers.

Whilst talking to PC Gamer Sega hinted that we can expect more news on PC release of Atlus titles in the future, saying: “We hope to have more exciting news to share from Sega/Atlus in regards to publishing on PC in the future.” Could we see ports incoming for Persona titles, or perhaps even less popular franchises like Etrian Odyssey?

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