Award Winning Indie Game The Banner Saga Out Now On The Switch

Have you played The Banner Saga? Well, now is the time to whether you have or not because the critically acclaimed game has hit the Switch. The Banner Saga brings the dreary, Norse inspired tactics game to Nintendo’s newest console, which adds portability to it. Now you can experience the story wherever you go.

For those who haven’t tried The Banner Saga yet, it is a turn-based tactics game that is driven by its story. The game offers two storylines that show different events happening at the same time. A caravan must travel from the west side of the country to the east side, and there are many bumps on the way. The choices you make while the events in the world unfold will change the outcome and fates of the characters. The game also boasts rather beautiful artwork and has a hand drawn feel to it, almost like old Disney films.

If you are a fan of story-rich games or enjoy other tactics games, then The Banner Saga is worth a buy. The Banner Saga is available for the Switch right now for the price of $19.99. If you play the first game in the series and like it, there is good news for you. The Banner Saga 2 will also be coming to the Switch soon and the release of The Banner Saga 3 is almost here. Keep an eye out for those, and we will let you know more as we have more information.

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