Andy Murray Considering Retirement from Tennis

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In a stunning press conference on Thursday, tennis professional Andy Murray discussed the pain he has been dealing with in regards to the multiple injuries he has on his hip. After talking about the overall struggles, Murray then discussed the possibility of retirement:

I think… Yeah.. There’s a chance of that for sure… I’m not sure I am able to play through the pain for another four or five months.

I spoke to my team and I told them that I cannot keep doing this, that I needed to have like an end point… Just playing with no idea of when the pain was going to stop… Get through this until Wimbledon, that is where I would like to stop. And stop playing. But I am also not certain if I am able to do that.”

If Andy Murray does indeed retire, the loss would be felt throughout the entire tennis world. As a fast rising youngster, Murray had all the makings of someone who could win lots of tournaments, maybe even matching fellow stars Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, and Rafael Nadal. After winning the US Open in 2012 for his first major, the stars were aligning for Murray to continue his rise to the top. And in 2013, Murray won Wimbledon, the first time a British-represented (Murray was born in Scotland) male tennis player had won the crown since 1936 (Fred Perry). He would again win Wimbledon in 2016, along with finishing runner-up at the Australian Open and French Open.

Unfortunately in 2017, injuries began to crop up and hinder Andy Murray from reaching his former stardom. After a solid showing in the French Open and Wimbledon, his hip injuries continued to hinder him. In 2018, he was only able to participate in a scattering of tournaments.

Murray is a notorious work horse on the court, able to return any ball and run down anything on the court. He is strong enough to push the opponent around and would never concede any ground. Ultimately, his energy and tenacity wore down opponents, which led him to a great career. If this is indeed the last run for Andy Murray, the tennis world will miss him greatly, and we will wonder what could have been if he stayed healthy.

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