An Eye to the Virtual Scope in Sniper Rust VR

Award-winning devs Zatun deliver a sharpshooter experience to Oculus

Having worked on everything from tiny indie titles to AAA fare, Zatun is a developer with a rich history and plenty of experience. With that in mind, one can’t help but get excited about Sniper Rust VR, their newest title.

Across 18 levels spanning the globe, the game casts you as a skilled marksman from a covert agency, tasked with combating an international militia that’s starting an armed uprising. You’ll find yourself in many locations, astride plentiful vehicles, and wielding numerous, powerful firearms.

Your task will not be easy, however, as you’ll be pitted against powerful foes. Enemy snipers, air support, and group assaults all await you behind enemy lines. There are even traps, waiting for you to slip up and make a mistake.

There is currently a demo available for interested snipers to try out. The demo includes one full level, as well as a shooting range. This means players can get fully acquainted with the controls. The game supports the Oculus Touch system, giving those who possess it an even more immersive experience.

This seems to be some sort of franchise for Zatun, or at least, they’re creating one before our eyes. There’s recently been a similar game by the same team called Sniper 3D Rust, which is on iOS and Android. It follows a similar premise; you are a sharpshooter, save the world. This is obviously the usual fare. It does, however, also have zombies, which is probably good to hear for those looking for the very rare experience of purely sniping zombies.

Sniper Rust VR releases onto Steam for Oculus Rift on May 31st this year.


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