Welcome to Gaming Historia! My name is Chris Gravelle, the founder of GamingHistoria.com and all the things that come with it, as well as the captain of the ship this entire crew is driving into uncharted waters. Sure, we look like every other video game news site out there – but there is more to us than that. We are trying something a little different. We are trying to shake up what you should expect from a gaming site.

It Started With A Team

That all starts with the team. I’m not a fan of diversity, for diversity’s sake, but we have been fortunate to get a team of writers and content creators that come from different walks of life, different backgrounds, and different – well – differences. This will give us the ability to bring you honest and transparent news and a varied perspective through our editorials and opinion pieces.

On top of that, our site is undergoing a lot of changes so feedback on what you want to see from the site will be key going forward. Is navigation too tricky? Do you want us to highlight a specific area of the site? We can create whatever we want, but ultimately, we are doing this for the community. There is not a person on this team that does not understand just how fortunate we are to write and talk about entertainment around the clock, so we are in our happy place – we want to make sure your visits to the site are just as enjoyable.

This Is Much More Than a Website

I mentioned that there is more to this than just GamingHistoria.com, so let me explain that before we move on to a few other things we have in place. The website (or mothership as I call it) is just one piece of Gaming Historia. Gaming Historia is more than just a site, it is a central hub for you to find our videos, podcasts, streams and a few other plans for the future.

Currently, we have three podcasts attached to the website (Links at the bottom to subscribe or check out each):

Gaming Historia is about topics in the game industry that have been ongoing or are just now becoming an issue. Such as the Rise and/or Fall of Digital Gaming

In Search of the Story is a beast unto itself. Hosted by Olivia Volarich and myself, it is evolving from a podcast that discusses story-driven games, into something else. It is now focusing on answering some of the questions that we have about gaming in general and trying to dig deeper to find the story behind those particular issues.

Chloe and Chris: Talk Games? is another monster of a podcast that is still facing scheduling delays. This is partly because Chloe, my daughter, only has so much time to play games and record a podcast. The idea here is that families can head out on Saturday mornings and run errands while listening to a family friendly podcast that will discuss a game or two – and then the rest is up to the kid.

While our video content has not launched yet, expect a stream of unique content that spans the typical reviews and gameplay videos to discussions and community interaction. And ultimately, that is what Gaming Historia is all about – you – the community.

What Will We Cover?

We are pouring our heart and souls into this dream and the thing we all bring to the table is one common thought – we want to interact with you, our viewers, listeners, and readers as much as possible. We want to build a home for gamers and entertainment seekers from all walks of life.

People like me, that grew up in the 80’s and now struggle to find things to play with my family,

Gamers like many of our other writers that know the ins-and-outs of every Pokemon or Super Smash Brothers character.

Those that love the hardcore Action RPGs like of Dark Souls, or the less daunting fare of the Final Fantasy series.

The lovers of FIFA, MLB, Nascar and everything in between.

Indie fans that want to get to know the developers of the games they fell for.

What Will Make Us Different

Issues pop up in the gaming community, and we will not shy away from discussing them in an honest, fact-based style. We aren’t going to hide behind the idea of keeping everyone happy and trying to put up the best PR face we can. We are going to offend people. We are going to try to give a voice to those that want to speak up. We wouldn’t be true to ourselves if we didn’t attack the issues that we see with the honest, blunt approach that we take when we are discussing our plans behind the scenes.

If you are easily offended, we will say something at some point that will offend you. But that is the nature of the beast. We want to bring you the real story and attack it head-on. We will call out the gaming community when they act like entitled children, but we will celebrate the same people when they pull together for a good cause.

Ultimately, GamingHistoria.com is part of a bigger idea (or more likely a daunting dream) that we hope we can make work. Right now we look and sound like every other site out there, but as we finish dusting off the shelves and putting the polish on the site, you will get to know us and you will either respect what we are doing, or you will move on and find something that you like more. We want to create something that is there for you, the community, but we won’t pander to get additional clicks or views. We will be ourselves and we look forward to meeting the people that appreciate that.

This went on longer than I expected, but I felt it was time to make it clear to you, the community, who we are and what we will stand for. Transparency is a big thing for me, and the team, and we will occasionally update you with what is going on behind the scenes. In the coming weeks, get ready to meet the team on a more personal level. Each member of the team will have a dedicated interview that will be posted on GamingHistoria.com that will give you a better understanding of who that writer is and where they came from.

If you want to join us on this adventure, reach out to me at [email protected] or send me a message @LimitedFail or @Gaming_Historia and we can talk. We are always happy to bring on new writers, and we would love to talk to you and see if you fit the team.

Thank you for the time, and feel free to contact any of us with questions, thoughts, or feedback on the site.

Chris Gravelle

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